FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

# How to make a booking?
Find Spa

Find your best spa on certain area by completing searching form. City or district or spa name is mandatory. Spa category and option date is not mandatory.

Choose your spa
Choose your spa menu and numbers of person
Choose your spa menu and numbers of person

You can see easily spa availability in different color. Gray color means we will review your booking and contact you later for confirmation. Pink color means your booking will be confirmed instantly.

Fill in contact information and customer details

Apply discount voucher if you have.

Proceed payment

Please choose most preferable payment for you. Several payment methods are available.

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You can pass over step 1. by choose our selected spa for more simple booking step.

# What are the available payment options?

SpaonGo accepts payment via Internet Banking (BCA klikpay, BNI Internet Banking, Mandiri Internet Banking), ATM(BCA ATM, BNI ATM, BRI ATM, Danamon ATM), Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB) and Indomaret.

# How do I make a payment for my booking?
1.Choose 'Pembayaran'
2.Choose 'Telepon'
3.Choose 'Telkom'
4.Type your payment code on the 'No Telepon' field(eg. 195752235137).
1.Choose 'Menu Lain'
2.Choose 'Pembayaran'
3.Choose 'Telkom'/Flexi/Speedy'
4.Type your payment code on the 'No Telepon' field(eg. 0195752235137).
1.Choose 'Payment'
2.Choose 'Telephone'
3.Choose 'Payment'
4.Type your payment code on the 'No Telepon' field(eg. 0195752235137).
Danamon ATM
1.Choose 'Pembayaran'
2.Choose 'Telepon'
3.Choose 'Payment'
3.Type in your first 4 digits of your payment code on the 'Kode Area' Field (eg. 0195).
4.Type in your the last 9 digits of your payment code on the 'Nomor Telepon' field(e.g. 759375803).
5.Choose 'Sumber Dana'
6.Choose 'Saving Type'
7.Choose 'Yes' if you have agreed with the amount that stated on the screen
Indomaret (indonesian only)
1.Note your payment code
2.Visit Indomaret outlet
3.Inform your payment code to indomaret cashier
4.Make sure your nominal payment
5.Pay as your nominal payment
6.Ask receipt for your Finpay transaction
7.Your Finpay transaction is done
# Has my payment been received?

Voucher will be send to your email address that used on your booking once you complete payment. If you not receive voucher although made payment, please contact our Customer Support.

# My credit card transaction was unsuccessful. How can it happen?

It takes time for credit card validation. If your first transaction was unsuccessful, please refresh your page and retry making your payment. Be aware card holder name, credit card number, validity and other information are correct. If you need further information, please contact our Customer support.

# What is discount coupon?

SpaonGo provides discount coupon which can applied to get discount applied directly upon your booking. Just put your discount coupon code upon payment and discount will be applied automatically. Don’t pay more for your booking.

# Where do I could find such promotion?

To stay in touch with the latest promotion, discount coupon, and other promotions please visit SpaonGo Promotions page or register your email as SpaonGo subscriber. SpaonGo subscriber is completely free.

# How can I contact SpaonGo?

Our Customer Service team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please get in touch with us through any of the following ways:

SpaonGo office
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, No. 732, Pesanggaran, Denpasar 80222,
Bali – Indonesia
Phone: (0361) 728177 (reachable during 09:00 – 17:00 GMT+8)